Revolution for Cats Parasite Control: Benefits & Drawbacks

If you want one treatment that removes fleas, ear mites, roundworms, hookworms and heartworms in your cat then Revolution is worth considering. This treatment gives relief from multiple parasites found in felines. A topical solution containing Selamectin as the ingredient, this one has shown great results on all breeds of cats. Ideal for mixed infestations, this spot-on expels internal and external parasites in one shot.

Revolution for Cats is ideal for:

  • Pet parents who have no issues with topical treatments
  • Pet that are fine with spot-on treatments
  • Cats that face mixed infestations
  • Cats living in an area where roundworm, hookworm infestations are at peak
  • Heartworm prevention in kittens and cats
  • Preventing, killing and controlling fleas

Technical details of Revolution for Cats:

  • Active ingredient – Selamectin
  • Target species – 8 weeks and older kittens and cats
  • Manufacturer – Pfizer
  • Package details – Two packs; pink for kittens and blue for adult cats
  • Frequency of application - Monthly

Benefits of Revolution for Kittens and Cats:

  • Treats one month old heartworm infection
  • Odorless and waterproof treatment
  • Destroys adult and immature fleas
  • Prevents future infestations
  • Safe for breeding cats, pregnant and lactating queens
  • One treatment for multiple parasites
  • Affordable solution

Drawbacks of Revolution for kittens and cats:

  • As selamectin works by entering the pet’s bloodstream, the pet cannot be saved from painful flea bites.
  • May cause fur discoloration and skin irritation in sensitive pets
  • It proves pricey as a single treatment


Revolution for cats can be used for pets that are comfortable with topical treatments. If you live in an area where mixed infestations are a frequent occurrence then going for it would not be a problem. Buy from online stores that sell it at discounted rates. If you have not tried it yet for your cats then it’s worth trying!

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