Program Plus Dogs Flea & Worm Treatment: Pros & Cons

When you want a multi spectrum treatment that serves as a preventive and control program for fleas, heartworms and intestinal worms then Program Plus is a fine choice. The monthly oral treatment has clinically proven to destroy juvenile flea life stages, heartworm larvae, hookworms, roundworms and whipworms. The film coated tablet works wonders for pets with mixed infestations. It is a single treatment for killing various internal and external parasites.

Why Program Plus?

  • An efficient product manufactured by Novartis
  • Beef flavored tablets that would be loved by pooches
  • A branded product made under high manufacturing standards
  • Easy to administer oral tablets
  • Starts working on pets that are as young as two weeks of age
  • Can be easily clubbed with other flea preventives
  • No mess of topical treatments

What makes Program Plus an effective treatment?

Digging deeper in the technicalities, Program Plus contains Lufenuron and Milbemycin Oxime as the active ingredients.


This effective pesticide kills flea eggs and larvae. It does not allow development of these immature stages of fleas. Thus, it blocks flea life cycle and reduces the population to a bare minimum. 95% of fleas on the pet’s body are in their immature forms. So, Lufenuron eliminates a major chunk of the flea population.

Milbemycin Oxime:

It blocks the sodium channels in neurons and blocks signal transfer in intestinal worms and heartworms. It thus plays an active role as a wormer for dogs. It treats and works as a worm control in canines.

The combined action of both these ingredients makes Program Plus an effective multi spectrum treatment for puppies and dogs. Available easily in online stores, the tablets are categorized into four packs as per the weight of the dog.

When should you avoid Program Plus?

When you face excessive flea infestation, this tablet may not come up as the best resort. You need to rely on a short term treatment like Capstar to destroy existing adult fleas.

The multipurpose tablet may prove pricy. If you have a limited pet care budget then go for online stores that sell this beef flavored tablets at discounted prices.

If your pet is allergic to any of the ingredients then keeping this tablet at bay is the only solution. If the pet shows any allergic reactions then give Program Plus only after a vet’s approval.

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