Oral flea treatments Vs. Topical flea treatments : What to choose?

Oral flea preventives and treatments are gaining popularity over topical forms. Tablets, oral suspensions and chewables are the latest choice of pet owners. Nexgard, Bravecto, Comfortis, Program Oral Suspension etc have many benefits over spot-on treatments. Let us check the reasons for this shift and why pet owners are rushing for oral preventives for their pets.

Reasons for choosing oral treatments over topical flea preventives:

Efficacy: According to studies conducted by observing efficiency of flea treatments for three consecutive months, oral treatments show 99.9% success while topical solutions were only 88.4% effective. This way these treatments are 11.5% more powerful than their contemporary forms.

Easy to administer: Chews, tablets and suspensions are far more easy to administer that the spot-on application. Most of them are flavoured with chicken, beef, pork and other delectable tastes. Pets mostly take it as a treat and so, it becomes convenient for the owner.

Multipurpose treatments: There have been very few topical solutions which have multipurpose effect. However, there are various oral treatments that treat heartworms and various intestinal worms apart from fleas and ticks. So, you pay for one and get a multi parasite treatment.

Pets love it: Tasty chews are taken as treat by pets. They may not like pungent smelling spot-on solutions. Moreover, spot-on may harm their skin with discolouration and patches. So, pets take these chewy things without creating any fuss.

How to choose the most effective oral flea treatment for your pet?

Check the ingredients: The pet should not be sensitive to any of the ingredients of the chew or tablet. Ask a vet to suggest whether the treatment is suitable for your pet or not.

Check the flavour: Many oral flea preventives contain pork based protein and have beef flavour. If your pet is allergic to pork then do not choose such tablets or chews.

To conclude, oral treatments are obvious choice over spot-on treatments as they are easy to handle, delicious and pose not many side effects as topical solutions. That is why pet owners are switching towards these easy to administer, odour free flea and tick treatments for dogs. If you have not tried any for your pet then check with your vet and go for it!

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