Heartwormers For Dogs: A Comparison

We all know that heartworms can be deadly for our pets. If not prevented or controlled they may cause severe health problems in pets which result in an eventual death. Heartworm preventives are thus very important for pets. A must have in the routine schedule of the pet; these wormers are an absolute necessity. The obvious benefit is the life of your pet. Beyond that heartworm prevention saves you a lot of money when compared to the actual treatment. Moreover, the presence of worms leaves your pet in a vulnerable state.

Top Heartwomers Treatment for Dogs

There are few treatments which can serve as a multipurpose solution. They not only treat and control heartworms but also have a hand on destroying fleas, intestinal worms and other parasites. Such solutions are of great help in dealing with mixed infestations in pets. The big question now is which treatment will suit your pet. A comparison between the top most brands will help you find the right one for your pet. Check the table below to know more about famous heartworm treatments for dogs.

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Comparison between top Heartwomers for dogs:

Treatment Active Ingredients Prevents heartworms Hook Worm Round Worm Whip Worm Tape Worm Fleas
Advantage Imidacloprid, Moxidectin Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Heartgard Ivermectin, Pyrantel Yes Yes Yes No No No
Interceptor Milbemycin, Praziquantel Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Revolution Selamectin Yes No No No No Yes
Sentinel Milbemycin, Oxime, Lufenuron Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Valuheart Ivermectin Yes No No No No No


Check this table and find which treatment you want for your pet. Also, consult your vet about the sensitivities of your pet towards any of the ingredients. By all means, you have to make sure that the treatment is best for your pet. After complete cross check only, buy the most appropriate heartworm treatment for your pet. All the Best!

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