Heartgard Plus: a Heartworm Treatment Worth trying

Since ages, Heart worms have been a menace and an absolute terror for puppies and dogs. They just need a mosquito to reach a dog’s body. They can enter a dog’s body at any time and any age. There have been cases where heartworm diseases have proved devastating for dogs. Treating them may cost a fortune and prove exhaustive morally and financially. The best way to deal with these deadly worms is to prevent them. One of the most trusted heartworm preventive is Heartgard Plus.

Often referred as a beef flavored tasty chew, the Heartgard Plus tablet has been well received by pet parents across the globe. 95% of the pets take it as a treat which makes administration easy. Being a monthly tablet, it needs re-dosing only after 30 days. It works by killing heartworm larvae and thus preventing growth of heartworms. All these merits make the chew a highly popular heartworm treatment and preventive.

Some of the reasons for the popularity of Heartgard Plus:

The ‘snack’ look: The chew does not look like a pill so pets take it as a snack. It proves ideal for fussy eaters and pets that run away from the sight of medicines. Your pet needs just a tasty chew and things are done for an entire month.

Fair price: Unlike other heartwormers, Heartgard proves to be relatively inexpensive. The vet may cost you higher bucks but online sellers will give it to you at hugely discounted prices.

Widespread availability: A Merial product Heartgard is available globally. Pet parents from all corners of the world are benefitted with this tasty, beefy chewable tablet.

Easy to use: They have separate packages for different weight range of dogs. You can just pick up the one that is in accordance with your pet’s weight. It suits all breeds and sizes of dogs making it easy to use heartworm treatment.

Year round protection: Monthly dosage continued for a year will keep the pet free of heartworms. It can be started any time of the year. If mosquitoes are a problem in an area then the chews are a must for the pets.

With these positives backing it up, the treatment proves to be a perfect guard for your pet’s heart. It does not have any major side effects and so trying it for your pet will be a worth it decision. Depending on the individual sensitivities of your pet, you can decide the use of this treatment. Check with your vet and see if Heartgard can be made your pet’s lifelong companion or not?

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