How To Reduce The Chances Of Flea Re-Infestation In Pets?

Flea infestation is the undeniable part of a pet’s live. Where there is a dog or a cat, fleas are bound to make their presence felt at some or the other time. In spite of using the best brands to get rid of these pests, they somehow manage to sneak into our homes and feed on our pet’s blood.

To avoid the irritating re-infestation of fleas, it is not enough just to use flea repelling products. Here are some of the things that you might need to implement for complete flea riddance from your pet’s body and the environment.

Things you must comply with to Get rid of Fleas Completely:

  1. Treat your Dogs with branded flea treatments

    Although this tip is known and looked after, it may be helpful to remind the essentials. May it be any season; your room temperature may be favorable for flea hatching. Thus, use of branded and trusted flea treatments like Frontline Plus and Advantage is inevitable. Keep your pets safe with these flea controls all through the year. If you possess more than one pet, treat them together.

  1. Wash your pet’s bedding regularly

    Re-infestation of fleas in spite of treating your pet may be because of the eggs or larvae fallen on your pet’s bedding. These juvenile stages may hatch and infect your canine at any time. Thus, it is important that you keep your pet’s bedding clean. Try keeping the bedding fresh from the day your pet is treated with the flea treatment.

  1. Vacuum your entire Home

    Applying the famous flea control may not be enough to block the re-infestation of pests. You may need to keep the environment free from fleas to protect your canine from the pests. Vacuum the entire house, especially on the carpet, sofas, and every place where the dog lays his body. It can be of great benefit if you do this process on the day of treating your pet.

  1. Sprinkle Borax and vacuum again

    Borax, also known as sodium borate is one of the options used to control the pest infestation. After you vacuum, sprinkle this pesticide all over the place, especially on the places often used by your pet. Leave it for 8 hours and vacuum again. Execute this step in absence of your pet and children. It can be carried out as planned if you decide to do this on a day when your pet is away from home.

  1. Maintain your Yard

    Cut off the weeds and mow the lawns regularly. Borax can also be sprinkled in the garden to get rid of fleas. Maintaining your backyard will not allow the early flea lifecycle stages to not develop and thus make the garden harmless for your pets to roam around.

These are some ways to keep the surroundings free from fleas which will ultimately block their re-infestation in dogs. Follow these tips to overcome the threat of recurrent flea infestation and keep the pets safe.

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