Capstar Fast-acting Flea Control: Positives & Negatives

Facing heavy flea infestation can be really troublesome not only for your pets but for yourself as well. Fleas are a menace that bothers your pets like nothing else. The pests can cause severe diseases like Flea Allergy Dermatitis, flea bite anemia, tapeworm infestation and more. Thus flea elimination gains priority for all pet parents.

One of the fastest flea treatments for cats and dogs is Capstar that gives very quick results. The tablet is a ready to administer oral treatment that causes mass destruction of fleas in cats and dogs. Most suitable for pets living in heavily infested areas, the tablet is recommended when a rapid solution for fleas is required

Why to choose Capstar?

Kill fleas within hours: The tablet takes just 4 hours to kill 90% adult fleas in cats. It takes only 6 hours to destroy all adult fleas found on dogs.

Give instant relief: Capstar is famed to give instant relief from fleas. Your pet is relieved from fleas within a day’s time. You no longer need to wait for month long action.

Best after an outdoor trip: Pets get exposed to fleas on outdoor trips. Or if you are living in flea infested area then a treatment that gets rid of all pests in hours turns out to be the best for your pet.

No side effects: Except excessive scratching there are hardly any side effects of Capstar tablet. And the temporary itching also subsides within a day. So, you have a solution that does not pose adverse reactions.

Safe for pregnant and nursing cats and dogs: The best part is that the treatment works well irrespective of the life stage of the pet. It does justice to pregnant and nursing dogs. An all time treatment, these tablets show high margin of safety.

Better than messy topical treatments: Oral treatments score higher than messy spot-ons as they do not pose the issues of discoloration of fur and beddings. You don’t need to dispose the pipettes making the tablets quite easy to handle.

Treat pets at an early age: Capstar treatment can be started when the pet is 4 weeks and older and weighs at least 2 pounds. Unlike other flea treatments that can be started only when the pet is 7 or 8 weeks old, this one is an early treatment for pets.

Why not to choose Capstar?

Costly treatment: The price tag on the tablet may cause stirs. Considering the fact that it kills all fleas, but it may sound pricy for a single day treatment.

Short term treatment: Capstar needs redosing at every single day if it has to fight continuous invasion of fleas. The fact is that after using it a long term treatment should be used as a follow up mechanism. So, you need two treatments to combat fleas on your pet’s body.

Pricey affair: As you have to buy two treatments, Capstar and a long term treatment the total budget may turn out to be pricey.


Since Capstar is a treatment that gives quick results it can be used if the pet shows excessive fleas. Suitable for all life stages, the treatment is a safe solution when faced with a massive flea attack. If you are searching for a fast acting treatment for your pup or pussy then Capstar is worth trying!

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